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What is After School Startup?

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Who We Are

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Empowering The Next Generation of Innovators

At After School Startup, we believe that it's never too early to make a big impact. We are committed to transforming after-school hours into a startup adventure for middle and high-school students.

By providing hands-on experience in an agile environment, we prepare young minds for the challenges of tomorrow. Our program emphasizes real-world job skills and emerging tech skills, allowing students to collaborate on exciting projects under the mentorship of industry experts.

Whether it's mastering AI or building their own startup, we equip students with the tools they need to succeed. Join us and be part of the change.


How It Works

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Attend scheduled meetings with teachers and co-interns to discuss projects, receive mentorship, and grow your network.


Keep tabs on tasks, deliverables, and milestones through the dashboard. Stay organized and motivated.


Watch your child gain invaluable real-world job experience and tech skills that will propel them ahead in any career path they choose.


Our Offerings

Digital Portfolio

A portfolio showcases student projects and achievements as a digital resume, encouraging camaraderie through shared progress and friendly competition.

Live Coding

Lets students code real-time in a collaborative space promoting teamwork. Teachers will be able to give live feedback, mimicking a real-world tech workspace.

Gamified Learning

A gamified coding system that scales in difficulty, motivating students with rewards and reinforcing core concepts at varied paces.

🌟 What Our Students Say


Kyle Yu

Kyle Yu

I couldn't believe I'd actually create an Android app in a day, but After School Startup made it happen. The hands-on approach and the step-by-step guidance were invaluable. I've gained skills and confidence that'll last a lifetime.


Walk away with

Real Job Experience

Hands-on projects that simulate real-world job experience.

Emerging Tech Skills

Master AI, machine learning, and other cutting-edge technologies.

Collaborative Coding

Team up with peers and industry experts to build amazing things.


Week-by-Week Learning Path

Week 1
Your Idea Can Change the World!
Delve into the startup world, from understanding its essence to mastering the art of pitching, through diverse activities and resources.
Week 2
Computer Science Basics
Embark on an exciting journey through Computer Science, delving into its definition, the magic of codes, complemented with hands-on activities and informative resources.
Week 3
Introduction to Programming
Embark on a thrilling journey during our introductory week on programming, where you'll unravel the mysteries of coding!
Week 4
Magic of JavaScript
Unlock the Mysteries: A Week-long Dive into the Spellbinding Magic of JavaScript, the language that makes the web interactive
Week 5
Introduction to ChatGPT
Discover the world of ChatGPT and learn how you can interact with this powerful AI. Understand the basics of natural language processing.
Week 6
Prompt Engineering
Learn the art of prompt engineering to extract precise information and generate creative content using AI models.
Week 7
Introduction to GitHub
Familiarize yourself with GitHub, the developer’s best friend. Learn how to manage code versions and collaborate on projects.
Week 8
Deployment: From Code to Live
Delve deep into the realm of deployment, where the intricate dance of code meets the dynamic world of live systems.
Week 9
Building a Complete Web App
Combine all the skills you've acquired to build a complete web application. Understand how the front-end and back-end work together.
Week 10
Final Project - Week 1 - Design
Start your final project by designing the architecture and user interface. Create wireframes and plan your development process.
Week 11
Final Project - Week 2 - Work
Implement your design by coding the front-end and back-end of your final project. Test functionalities and make adjustments.
Week 12
Final Project - Week 3 - Presentation and Review
Present your final project and receive feedback from peers and instructors. Understand how to iterate and improve your work.




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