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Who We Are

Our Story

A Journey from Learners to Leaders

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At the heart of Afterschool Startup is a diverse and brilliant team of software engineer graduates. Fresh out of an enlightening summer internship, they plunged headfirst into the vibrant world of technology. It wasn't just about codes and algorithms; it was about breathing life into ideas, transforming mere projects into tangible products loved by users. For the first time, they didn't just 'code' they designed, collaborated, and thought like business trailblazers. But amidst this success, a unified sentiment resonated: “If only we had started sooner!” Understanding the competitive edge early exposure could offer, Afterschool Startup was born to grant the youth the advantages they wished they had.

Our Mission

Beyond Projects, to Products

We aim to do more than teach coding. We want to mold creators. Our students don't just build projects; they create products that real users interact with. We offer them a startup environment: the adrenaline rush, the steep deadlines, the team spirit, and above all, the thrill of creation. Our goal? To see the next Steve Jobs or Mark Zuckerberg rise from our ranks.

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Our Learning Model

Start and Never Stop

While our foundational curriculum spans 12 weeks, the learning doesn't end there. As our students grow, so do the opportunities. Post the initial 12-week period, students have the chance to continuously develop applications, collaborate in teams, and fine-tune world-class apps. It's a lifelong journey of learning and creating.

Afterschool Startup operates two days a week, with each session spanning 90 minutes. We understand the importance of flexibility, especially in these busy times. Therefore, we offer a range of class timings to suit varied schedules, allowing students and their families to choose a slot that best aligns with their personal commitments and extracurricular activities. Whether it's right after school or later in the evening, our goal is to provide an accommodating and productive learning environment.


Week-by-Week Learning Path

Week 1
Your Idea Can Change the World!
Delve into the startup world, from understanding its essence to mastering the art of pitching, through diverse activities and resources.
Week 2
Computer Science Basics
Embark on an exciting journey through Computer Science, delving into its definition, the magic of codes, complemented with hands-on activities and informative resources.
Week 3
Introduction to Programming
Embark on a thrilling journey during our introductory week on programming, where you'll unravel the mysteries of coding!
Week 4
Magic of JavaScript
Unlock the Mysteries: A Week-long Dive into the Spellbinding Magic of JavaScript, the language that makes the web interactive
Week 5
Introduction to ChatGPT
Discover the world of ChatGPT and learn how you can interact with this powerful AI. Understand the basics of natural language processing.
Week 6
Prompt Engineering
Learn the art of prompt engineering to extract precise information and generate creative content using AI models.
Week 7
Introduction to GitHub
Familiarize yourself with GitHub, the developer’s best friend. Learn how to manage code versions and collaborate on projects.
Week 8
Deployment: From Code to Live
Delve deep into the realm of deployment, where the intricate dance of code meets the dynamic world of live systems.
Week 9
Building a Complete Web App
Combine all the skills you've acquired to build a complete web application. Understand how the front-end and back-end work together.
Week 10
Final Project - Week 1 - Design
Start your final project by designing the architecture and user interface. Create wireframes and plan your development process.
Week 11
Final Project - Week 2 - Work
Implement your design by coding the front-end and back-end of your final project. Test functionalities and make adjustments.
Week 12
Final Project - Week 3 - Presentation and Review
Present your final project and receive feedback from peers and instructors. Understand how to iterate and improve your work.




What Sets Us Apart

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Live, interactive classes. Expert instructors with a rich blend of academic and real-world tech experience. A continuous learning model. An emphasis on creation, not just coding. And an environment that's 100% online, ensuring unparalleled convenience.

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Afterschool Startup isn't just a course; it's a revolution. It's about molding young minds into the tech leaders of tomorrow. It's about confidence, creativity, collaboration, and creation. So, if you're looking to give your child an unmatched advantage in the world of tech, Afterschool Startup is the answer.

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